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Upside-Down Cake with Fruit

Another top-notch recipe to have in your repertoire as a 'Foundation Recipe' is an upside-down cake.

Although there are a number of different cake textures I enjoy, this one has a really pronounced and satisfying crumb and is a great.

To top this cake your imagination is only limited by a few elements of guidance. Although you can use fresh fruits, dried fruits or even canned fruits, there are a few things that require attention.

The size, texture and moisture levels of your fruit.

  • Both dried and fresh fruits can be too hard and won't soften enough during the baking phase - consider pre-roasting, pan-heat, even microwave.

  • Canned fruit might have too much sugar and turn out too sweet - check the ingredients.

  • Fresh fruit should be peeled.

  • You can use decorative elements in your topping, or go rogue (like I usually do).

Everything else is you, your pantry/fridge/freezer and experimentation!



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