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Tastes of Childhood: Oatmeal Marshmallow Cake

Dearest gentle reader... Wait, does that sound familiar? If it doesn't, take a moment to look it up.

The only thing that famous opening phrase has to do with this particular post is "familiarity". Taking the flavors of childhood and making meaningful updates is very much what this recipe is about.

If you think back to the cookie sandwiches from the past, you might reminisce about the flavors from girl scout cookies or the store-bought cellophane-wrapped treats from popular brands of that time. This recipe is designed to evoke those nostalgic memories while improving robustness, texture, and fiber content.

Marshmallow creams generally contain simpler ingredients in contrast to commercially produced fluffs. Creams tend to have a slightly softer texture, while fluffs usually have a denser consistency due to the presence of corn syrup. Remember to carefully check the ingredients to ensure they are safe. Both options will perform equally well.

Chewy, spicy and brown-sugary goodness. Happy Bendy Baking!


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Jun 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is delicious - and much more sophisticated than those childhood treats. I love the texture of the cake - and the fact that the oats provide a bit of extra good-for-you fiber. I made a mistake and pulsed them in a smaller bullet-type blender which pulverized them more than I intended. I can see from your photo that yours were much coarser. However, in this house, I think they will prefer them to be less grainy - their biggest complaint with my own high-fiber treats.

One of the nicest surprises is the icing which is much less sweet than I expected. Those kiddie cookies were SO loaded with sugar. I thought the marshmallow fluff would make it sweeter but…

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