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Peach Pie; Because, Summer

If you follow my blog, even casually, you know I LOVE PIES! I enjoy all types of pies.

But tracking the heights of seasonal fruits in your area and catching them when they're at their best rewards us like very few things in the baking world.

Peaches are an iconic fruit of summer, and should be treated with the reverence befitting their ephemeral, short-lived lives. Sure, you can find shipped, canned, preserved or frozen fruits all year round. But there's nothing like getting fresh and local produce for maximum flavor.

That's why the simplest treatment is the best for these beauties. A pie with a simple latticed crust, a double-crust or crumb topping are all excellent. It just depends on preferences.

The pictures of my pies in this post are mixed fruit pies showing a crumb, double-crust and naked fruit pies. My recipe below is specifically for a peach pie with a crumb topping. The topping matters. If you opt for a double-crust pie, pre-baking the bottom crust isn't practical. So if you choose a double-crust it helps to start with a hotter oven for the first ten minutes or so and baking in the bottom of the oven will result in a better-baked-bottom. Who likes a soggy bottom?

No matter which topping method you choose, I'm sure finding the best peaches you can and using simple ingredients will bring out the best of their goodness.

Happy Bendy Baking!


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