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Mise En Place

Updated: Mar 6

As you learn more about me and my approach to baking you will notice I don't shy away from complexity. I find that understanding complexity builds skill, and that's deeply satisfying.

But I have an abiding appreciation for simplicity. In fact I don't think you can absorb complexity until you respect and grasp what sits underneath. What goes before.

I learned from my own experiences how chaotic baking CAN BE if you don't get yourself in the right frame of mind and organize yourself.

'I Love Lucy' has a disaster

More than once I found myself knocking an open bag of flour over, dropping an egg on the floor, having things blow up and - this is really important - not enjoying myself in the baking process.

I find this helps me, and might help you.

Tip and Technique

This is probably more of a basic tip. And many of you might already do this. But I find it enormously beneficial to follow the 'mise en place' method of preparation means 'everything in its place' is a very important way to organize yourself before diving in to baking.

It includes things like;
  • Pre-measuring all of the ingredients for the recipe

  • Reviewing the entire recipe and having it easy to reread throughout the baking process

  • Having all of your baking tools out

  • Preheating the oven

  • Bringing all necessary ingredients (fats, eggs, liquids) to room temperature, if appropriate


Very simply put, you'll be better prepared to enjoy the process if you aren't running around finding things, realizing you don't have all the ingredients you need or worrying that you might not understand the next step in a complicated recipe.

Fundamentally, it's really important that you ENJOY YOURSELF! The end result of your bake will show. We both know that's true.

To read more about the history of 'mise en place,' visit the August Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

Happy Bendy Baking!


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