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Anodized Aluminum Bakeware

Updated: Mar 6

I particularly love tools that I consider to be at a really good price point AND they perform well without much fuss. One such set of bakeware are anodized aluminum pans by Fat Daddio's - yeah, I love the name too - because they are designed to pass heat through, or reflecting, rather than being absorbed into the batter. Therefore is heats faster and cools down quicker, making for good rises and greater temperature control after you remove your bake from the oven.

I use them as my got-to for all my straight-sided, round layer cake needs. I own several diameters and side heights. The height matters if you want serious rise or how much heat you want to touch the top of the cake.

In the example picture here, I needed the 3 cake layers to have strength on the sides but be tender on the top.

Anodized aluminum is treated with a non-chemical and safe process which seals the surface of the aluminum to make it a "safe and non-reactive baking surface".

This bakeware is not recommended for the dishwasher. And I can tell you I thought I had ruined a pan with an experiment gone a bit awry. But they are easy to clean by hand and respond well to a leisurely soak.

Fat Daddio's line of aluminum bakeware really make a difference for me in my baking and add confidence in my process.


To learn more about these pans, the variety and shapes, sizes and prices, visit the link below;


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