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Acids Are Important

Updated: Mar 6

Although I tend to think a lot about substitutions driven by my own food allergies and sensitivities, I also have learned a great deal in my Bendy Baking journey about balancing flavors in nearly everything I cook and bake.

Acids are an extremely important component in the taste experience.

Balancing acids

You might not think much about them, but I bet you notice when there is too little or too much in something you've tasted - not enough and things taste too sweet or too flat, too much and you'll pucker.

Although I'm lucky I don't have any significant limitations in this category, I understand grapefruit allergies are one of the more typical of this kind of sensitivity.

Broadly, this pillar of the taste experience includes vinegars, citruses, high-acid fruits, coffees and teas.


I'll take this opportunity to share a great learning experience I had on the pillars, or key components, of the cooking and baking taste experience.

I heard about Samin Nosrat's book on "mastering the elements of good cooking" and found that her very organized and simple ways of framing the building blocks resulted in an increased focus and shift in the way I look at the pillars of flavor. This learning made me a better baker (and cook, but I still prefer baking).

Learn more about this great resource!

Happy Bendy Baking!


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